<p><strong>Power House</strong> 12.9-81 lost to <strong>West Brunswick</strong> 14.7-91<br /><br /><strong>Goal Kickers:</strong> P. Edwards 6, M. Spiliotalopoulos 2, C. Phillips , T. Saraw , D. Baker , R. Webb<br /><strong>Best Players:</strong> M. Spiliotalopoulos, B. Leske, P. Edwards, S. Watson, N. Brown, T. Hinck</p>
<p><strong>Match Review </strong></p>
<p>In a very disappointing game for the Seniors, we went down to West Brunswick by 10 points. We started well with Edwards and Saraw dominating the first quarter into a 3-4 goal breeze.</p>
<p>The second quarter saw us struggle while West Brunswick closed us down at every opportunity and slowly wrested control at the clearances to take a 14 point lead into the half time break.</p>
<p>4 goals to 2 in the third quarter left Power House with an outside chance heading into the final term. Choco was our dominant player winning every contest he got to while Treeby and Watson worked manfully defending well but we struggled to find a way through the tight West Brunswick defence.</p>
<p>The last quarter saw us lift and dominate kicking 5 goals. Edwards and Goose got us close but we fell short at the final siren.</p>
<p>Edwards with 6 goals was again our key avenue to goal while Spiliotalopoulos was our best with Leske, Watson, Brown and Hinck.</p>
<p>A match we could have won with a 4 quarter performance. We go into the Easter break with a 1 and 1 record with Ivanhoe at home our next mission on 30 April.</p>
<p><span><span style=”font-size: 10pt;”>&nbsp;</span></span></p>
<p><strong>Power House</strong> 6.8-44 lost to <strong>West Brunswick </strong>11.13-79</p>
<p><strong>Goal Kickers:</strong> D. Buckley 2, L. Johnston , H. Rattray , J. Fiorini , B. Lonsdale <br /><strong>Best Players:</strong> W. Elliott, J. Cunsolo, G. Tubridy, T. Selby, S. Shanks, J. Dwyer</p>
<p><strong>Match Review</strong></p>
<p>It was a fruitless trip to Parkville for the Powerhouse boys&nbsp; as the reserves were overrun in the final term to go down by 5 goals plus GST.&nbsp; The teamsheet bore little resemblance to the previous round due to a combination of injuries, unavailability and the dreaded rotation policy.&nbsp; Making their official debuts for the club were <strong>Ben Lonsdale(Aus), Hayden Rattray(NZ) and Mike Flindt(Ger)</strong>, yes that is Germany!<br /><br />Things were tight in the first quarter as the teams got to know each other.&nbsp; The house defence stood firm while subjected to constant pressure with <strong>Tom Selby</strong> and <strong>Jimmy Dwyer</strong> continuing their blistering start to the year.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Westies took a narrow advantage to the quarter time huddle.<br /><br />The tide swung in favor of the home team in the second quarter, kicking 3 goals, to one from the House.&nbsp;&nbsp; The mood in the changing rooms indicated a group of players who knew they could dig deeper and do themselves some justice.<br /><br />The third quarter showed a vast improvement with the Slushes keeping their opponents goalless while nothing up a few majors at the other end.&nbsp; <strong>Gerry Tubridy</strong> was dominating off half back and the midfield brigade worked hard for the whole quarter.&nbsp; Up front <strong>big Lee</strong> was trying hard but the footy just did not find him all day.<br /><br />The efforts of the third quarter took their toll after the final break and the home side pilled on the pressure to which the house had no answer.&nbsp; In the end it was the fitness and perhaps youth of the homeside which prevailed but no doubt the house will regroup and come back stronger in round 3.</p>