Since its inception in 1947, Power House Amateur Football Club has played in the Victorian Amateur Football Association. The club has won 5 Senior Premierships (1959, 1971, 1973, 2000 and 2006). The club has also won 2 Reserves premierships (1978 & 2006) and one Under 19’s premiership (1970).

The club is also a part of the Lord Somers Camp and Power House Association, which is the original governing body for all the associated Power House sporting clubs and associations including Basketball, Cricket, Drama, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union, Rowing, Softball, and Underwater Club.

We welcome all players of all standards to become part of what historically has been a great sporting culture and a great social environment.

The Power House Amateur Football Club is located in one of the most prominent positions in Albert Park. Our clubrooms overlook the picturesque Albert Park Lake (Home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix) and the beautiful city of Melbourne. Our ground and clubrooms are situated on the Ross Gregory Oval, Village Green Drive, Albert Park.

The Power House Amateur Football Club was originally formed in 1940. It was a club formed under the vision of the Lord Somers Camp and Power House Association to be a premier youth leadership and development organisation.

The idea of forming a Power House Australian Rules football club was first borne during the 1940 Big Camp by three Slushies; Wal Davie, Roberts Dunstan and Tom Johnston. The mission and values of the club were based around youth development leadership and interaction, tolerance, teamwork, trust care and friendship.

The first match was played at Royal Park against St. Pats Old Collegians in 1940, unfortunately the Second World War caused the entire 1940 season to be terminated at the end of the first round.

In 1947, Club Founders Wal Davie and John Pilbeam resurrected the club. Power House fielded a team in the VAFA in C Grade in that year.

Dr Cecil McAdam was the first President and John Pilbeam was the first Secretary of the club.

Will Avery was the Club’s first ever Senior Coach. The first Senior Club Captain was “Orm” Smith and first Senior Best And Fairest was Jack Hall.

Doc McAdam served as President for the first seven years of the club.

Wal Davie served the club in many functions, eventually becoming Secretary and later on, President between 1956-1958.

Jack Hall played for 4 seasons before his retirement.

Orm Smith became a beloved member of the Power House and Lord Somers Community until his death in 2011 aged 93.

The Club finished runners up in 1953 and 1956 before securing its first premiership in 1959.


We won our First Senior Premiership in 1959.
We won the U19’s Premiership in 1970.
We won our Second Senior Premiership in 1971.
Our Third Senior Premiership was achieved in 1973.
We won the 1978 Reserves Premiership in 1978.
After a 27 year drought, we won our Fourth Senior Premiership in 2000.
We achieved our Fifth Senior and Second Reserves Premierships in 2006.



Longest Serving President – Nic Pavlou (10 years)
Longest Serving Secretary – Michael Verberne & Daniel Buckley (6 years)
Longest Serving Treasurer – Francis Doyle (9 years)
Longest Serving Senior Coach – Les Gordon (6 years)
Longest Serving Senior Captain – Peter Hutchinson & Adam Collett (6 years)
Most Senior Best & Fairests – Peter Hutchinson 7
100 Goals Season – Rick Sykes, Martin Bartlett, Darren Searle, Paul Edwards


Wal Davie (inducted 2011)
Les Gordon (inducted 2011)
Peter Hutchinson (inducted 2011)
Ian Dakin (inducted 2011)
Peter Dakin (inducted 2017)