Welcome to the Power House Amateur Football Club

Nic Pavlou – President

Hi Team Power House.

We have finally made it to July and it’s been quite a season so far.

The wins haven’t been as plentiful as we would have hoped but the passion to play footy with our mates and be part of our Power House Family has been inspiring.

The Women’s Team just keeps getting stronger and stronger and the camaraderie is amazing.

Led by Coach Phil Mackney and Captain Anna Kennedy and well supported by Steph Conlon and Sally Werner the girls have taken things to a new level.

The Seniors are blooding quite a few youngsters into the side including  Brett Scotland, Travis Scotland, Harry Phelan, Joey Halloran and Scotty Peters while Ollie Gravelle, River Carroll and Ryal Yak have stepped up this season.

We have also celebrated record making Captain Adam Collett’s 200th game only a couple of weeks ago.

In the Reserves, Gerry Cleary has taken all before him this season from the goal square while we have seen an influx of new players including Chandler Eliezer and Will Ringe.

Our 1959 Premiership Reunion and Past Players Day will be held on Saturday 20 July 2019 at the clubrooms where we will all get together to honour the 1959 Immortals who brought home our first ever Premiership in an unbeaten season.

I hope to see you all at the Ross Gregory on the 20th of July and look forward to catching you all at our upcoming games and club events.

Tear ‘em down.

Pav Sgnature

Go House!