Welcome to the Power House Amateur Football Club

Nic Pavlou – President

Hi Team Power House.

With the season well and truly over, we have taken the opportunity to rest, recuperate, reflect and reward those great performances in Season 2019.

Congratulations to our Best and Fairest Winners, Ben Circosta, Phil Mackney and Women’s winner Lisa McCombs. All three had excellent seasons and should be proud of their efforts this year.

The committee has been spending the early part of the off-season looking at candidates for our vacant senior coaching position. We are keen to find the right person to come to the club and shape the culture for the foreseeable future.  We are looking for a candidate that offers change and a new way of doing things and to look at the long term future of our club.

We will be making an announcement shortly on who will lead our club in 2020 … so stay tuned.

In 2019, we blooded a slew of youngsters with 5 first year under 21 players making their senior debut … and the whispers are that many more are on their way in 2020.

We are aiming to build a young strong and healthy list with a focus on pushing more young players into our Senior side.

(Pre) pre-season will commence shortly in November and I hope to see you all at the Ross Gregory on the first day of training as we look expectantly towards a successful 2020 season.

See you on the track!

Tear ‘em down.

Pav Sgnature

Go House!

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