Partner with Power House Amateur Football Club.

Get involved with the community and be part of our success.

Sponsoring a community football club such as Power House Amateur Football Club allows you the opportunity to join a group a people sharing a common passion for community football. Local community football translates into positive commercial outcomes for you. The Power House Amateur Football Club is not just a football club, but an extensive network of players, past players, supporters, administrators, spouses and the wider Lord Somers Camp community.

The Club is seeking to form partnerships with organisations who would like to support community programs that provide development opportunities to play football whilst also developing young men and women in all areas of life.

This page and downloadable document outlines the 2019 sponsorship packages available through the Power House Amateur Football Club including the many benefits, advantages and various levels of commitment on offer.

In addition, we welcome any other forms of support for the Power House Amateur Football Club during the 2019. We look forward to working with you during the 2019 season and are proud to have you in the team.

Multiple Packages Available

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Club and Member options to suit all budgets and levels of involvement.

Download the sponsorship brochure