POWER HOUSE 15.17-107 defeated KEW 9.14-68

Goal Kickers: P. Edwards 6, M. Spiliotalopoulos 3, A. Foster , J. Walsh , M. Treeby , G. Norris , D. Burnside , T. Hinck
Best Players: N. Brown, B. Leske, D. Burnside, D. Baker, M. Treeby, M. Chylinski

In front of a massive home crowd who were celebrating the all conquering 1971 Premiership Team, the Seniors were inspired to a hard fought victory to honour their past heroes.

In a see sawing game, Power House led early then allowed Kew to fight back into the contest to be evenly poised at half time.

The third quarter turned into a struggle as the House pressed forward repeatedly but was denied by a determined Kew.

With the game on the line, Pike urged his players to lift one more time and close the game out. The boys responded with a last quarter effort that kept the opposition goalless while kicking 5 majors and sealing a39 point victory.

Nick Brown was devastatiung again as he continued to put his head over the ball while Leske, Burnside and Chylinski were all good.

Edwards kicked another 6 while Spiliotacopoulos did some damage with 3 of his own.

The team song was sung by a big crowd in the rooms after the game.



POWER HOUSE 8.5-53 lost to KEW 16.13-109

Goal Kickers: J. Scotland 2, C. Plazzer , D. Hourn, D Buckley , J. Plazzer , M. Wallis , L. Johnston
Best Players: D Buckley, J. Plazzer, P. Arnold, D. Hourn, J. Cunsolo, M. Wallis

For three quarters this match was close and in the balance. However with a string of key injuries, we simply ran out of players and fell away dramatically in the last quarter.

Veteran decoy forward Jeff Scotland was dominating the front half while resident super star and Gun Power Forward Daniel Buckley controlled the tempo with his gut busting leads and crunching pack marks.

Jeremy Plazzer and Neil Todd played spirited games and caused plenty of angst for the opposition

Key playmaker Hayden Rattray left a big hole in the side when he went off with an injury. Lightweight boxing champion Matt Wallis made his long awaited return putting in a solid performance