It was a case of ‘should of, could of’ last weekend as both the PHAFC teams went down in the last quarter when they had the chance to win the game. Making matters worse was a long injury list from the seniors game including Luke Stubbs and Charlies Betts who will miss this week. UHS’ Brens Oval has not been a happy hunting ground for us in recent years and last week wasn’t any different.
For the Reserves newcomer Jay Rowe tried hard all day and kicked a couple, Patty Arnold was wasteful in front of goal and another newcomer Jordan Hayne was a solid contributor.
For the Seniors River Carroll was the star with 3 goals as he threw himself into everything, Grant Murphy relished his senior opportunity and the ever reliable Darren Baker was everywhere.


Uhs-Vu Afc 2.3-15 5.8-38 7.9-51 15.9-99
Power House AFC 1.2-8 1.3-9 7.10-52 9.14-68
Goal Kickers: R. Carroll 3, L. Stubbs 2, F. O”deasmhunaigh, L. Johnston, E. Edwards, D. Baker
Best Players: R. Carroll, E. Edwards, F. O”deasmhunaigh, G. Murphy, E. Nyary, D. Baker
Uhs-Vu Afc 4.0-24 5.0-30 8.2-50 9.4-58
Power House AFC 0.1-1 4.4-28 5.5-35 7.6-48


Goal Kickers: J. Rowe 2, P. Arnold 2, D. Nannery, J. Haynes, J. Huf
Best Players: D. Nannery, J. Rowe, B. Cox, J. Haynes, D. Stuart, J. Cheney