Last weekend, our women’s team was bundled out of the finals by Westbourne in a disappointing loss that brought to an end their historic inaugural season.


This young team of pioneers came together over the last twelve months to create an incredible group of strong, determined and hard-working players, who took on every challenge this season both on and off the field.


Getting this team on the field was culmination of three years of hard work, with Phil Mackney and Barry Cox spearheading the charge to create Power House’s first ever women’s team.


Congratulations must go to both of them as coach, team manager and mentors for the team, most of whom had never played our game before.

Congratulations also to the leadership group of Inaugural Captain Anna Kennedy, Becky Mason, Sally Werner, Brid Ni Mhadagain, Bri Anna May and Lisa McGowan who led their team into battle each week with outstanding results,


We should also acknowledge the work of a tireless support crew, especially Darra Conlon, Eddie Nyary and Josh Auchettl who managed to run the boundary, wave the flags, run water or messages and time-keep during the season, Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.


As we look back, the team won 8 games and a draw from their 14 home and away games averaging 32 points while conceding an average of only 19 points and showed what commitment and hard work delivers.


Looking forward to Vote Count/ Chug a Lug on Saturday 18 August, to see who will bring home the inaugural Women’s Best and Fairest Award and Friday 12 October for Presentation Night to celebrate the season and some individual achievements for the team.


While the season was filled with ups and downs, one thing will always remain, the connection these women have created that will last for many more football filled years and beyond.