Season 2014 was a year of rebuilding and stabilising at the Power House Football Club.

The committee and coaching staff had a clear road-map of what this season would look like with some high expectations of the playing list and the coaching staff.

We were keen to build on the previous season and continue a strong rebuild of the club on the field.

The Senior team finished with 9 wins and missed playing in the finals by percentage – this is a significant improvement on last year’s performances – but not quite where we had set our expectations.

In his 2 years as Senior Coach, Anthony Voyage has continued to deliver energy, passion and direction to the playing list and continues to develop a game plan that we firmly believe will bring us great success.

He has also continued his uncompromising attitude to team work and training and has worked the playing list into producing committed football despite some challenging circumstances through the year.

We are delighted to announce that Anthony Voyage has been re-appointed as Senior Coach for the Power House Football Club for Season 2015.

Anthony knows his job as the coach of our club has some unfinished business.

His intention is to continue to add to a stronger playing list with a heavy emphasis on recruitment while alignment to a local junior club remains his strong focus.

In response to his reappointment, Anthony said:-

I am delighted to re-sign as Senior coach of Power House FC for season 2015. 

As outlined in our three year plan, we see 2015 as the ultimate year for us and I see us needing to take the top honours in order to say we have had true success .

The club is in a great position to launch for two premierships in 2015 having fallen short in 2014 and myself, my team and the football committee are absolutely aligned to reach these goals.

We hope all are similarly committed and excited for what will be a huge season ahead, possibly the most important in our recent history.

Get on board.

Anthony Voyage – Senior Coach 

The Power House Football Club looks forward to having Anthony at the helm in its charge for success in 2015.

Nic Pavlou
Power House Amateur Football Club