POWER HOUSE 8.7-55 lost to Monash Gryphons 13.13-91

Goal Kickers: P. Edwards 4, T. Saraw , J. Avery , T. Hinck , R. Webb

Best Players: T. Saraw, T. Hinck, B. Leske, N. Brown, D. Burnside, P. Edwards

The Seniors poor form continued with a loss to Monash. Edwards continued his great form in front of the big sticks while Tanj Saraw and Ben Leske were great aroiund the ground. After a close and captivating first 3 quarters, a poor last quarter saw us outscored 8 goals to 1 as we slipped to a 36 point loss



POWER HOUSE 11.14-80 defeated Monash Gryphons 5.15-45

Goal Kickers: L. Johnston 3, S. Devine 2, D. Buckley 2, J. Dixon , T. Monte , M. Devine , D. Hourn
Best Players: B. Counsel, D. Hourn, L. Johnston, W. Elliott, M. Devine, S. Devine

The Reserves continued their good run of form with a 35 point victory over Monash. Lee Johnston up forward continued his soild oitput while Brendan Counsel dominated yet again. The Devine brothers teamed well both in the middle and up forward to drive home the victory