POWER HOUSE 9.2-56 lost to Mt Lilydale 10.7-67

Goal Kickers: P. Edwards 5, J. White 2, S. Beardall , N. Brown

Best Players: T. Selby, N. Brown, A. Kuhanez, M. Spiliotalopoulos, A. Collett, S. Beardall


The Seniors started this game well kicking with a strong breeze. Edwards one out in the goalsquare was prominent while the midfielders were pumping the ball forward at will. The second quarter tightened the game right up and we managed a couple of goals against the breeze which had us up by 10 points at the half. Selby and Kuhanez were holding up the back six. The third quarter was a struggle as Mt Lilydale closed the game right up against the wind. We moved into the last quarter with a slight advantage. A couple of missed opportunities in the final quarter gave the opposition a chance which they took. We fell away just losing by 10 points.

Edwards kicked 5 while Selby, Collett and Kuhanez were good down back. Nick Brown, Spiliotalopoulos and Beardall were also good.



POWER HOUSE 16.20-116 defeated Mt Lilydale 6.2-38

Goal Kickers: D. Buckley 3, L. Johnston 3, J. Fiorini 3, S. Davidson 2, T. Monte , G. Papalas , D. Bridges , R. Somers , D. Hourn

Best Players: J. Fiorini, R. Macumber, R. Somers, D. Buckley, S. Shanks, G. Tubridy


A dominant performance from our side in which we managed to hold the opposition goalless for 2 quarters and dominated with a 6 goal second quarter and big final quarter. Despite some “spite” from the opposition, we managed to keep our heads and run away with a comfortable 78 point victory. Best for the House was Jade Fiorini and Russ Macumber with Rob Somers and Buckley dominating the forward line. Shanks and Tubridy were also strong