Seniors Match Report:

It was a disappointing day from the PHAFC seniors, the game started ok and the boys looked like they were ‘on’ early and even took a slight lead into the first change – Unfortunately from there it was all downhill!

Hawthorn went on a rampage kicking 6 goals in the 2nd term followed by 5 goals in the 3rd term. The last quarter proved an arm wrestle with 3 goals apiece, but the damage had already been done.

Luke Stubbs was a shining light up forward with 5 goals, the backline lead by Rhys Gregory and Walshy tried their best all day and rebounded time after time, but as the Hawthorn midfield got on top our backline was just put under too much pressure.

Barry cox played a good game in his return to the seniors, Old hands Brian Kyne and Darren Baker also tried their best all day.

The boys will look to put this disappointment behind them as they battle traditional foes Albert Park this week for the Lakeside Cup.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Power House AFC 2.1-13 4.6-30 7.6-48 10.7-67
Hawthorn AFC 1.4-10 7.5-47 12.9-81 15.10-100


Power House AFC

Goal Kickers: L. Stubbs 5, D. Baker , T. Collett , S. Hughes , A. Collett , E. Nyary
Best Players: , R. Gregory , B. Cox , B. Kyne , J. Walsh , D. Baker , L. Stubbs


Reserves Match Report

It’s fair to say that this was the best reserves team put out in some time at the Power House! There were match winners on each line, Charlie Betts came down from the seniors and his mate Karl ‘Angry Pills’ Sheehan played his first game in PHAFC colours – both impressed.

The House dominated through the midfield thanks to Slam Duncan Eastey’s great ruck work, Murph, Jados, Dom and Bucks were getting their hands on the ball and were getting on the scoreboard.

It was a wasteful 2nd term with the house kicking many behinds, the main culprit being Bucks with 1.4, some other boys missed shots they should have kicked also.

Patty Arnold cast aside a dirty first half and managed to kick a couple of important goals, bit Euan ‘Freight Train’ Edwards also kicked a couple of majors coming off half back.

It was another strong team performance from the PHAFC 2’s, you could almost name the whole team as having played well – Belly, Pods, Jimmy Cox, Gerry Cleary, Joel Anderson and Robbo all played well in their positions, players like Feathers, Nico Jeffrey and Traolach played well when they were given the chance too.

The boys will face a fired up Albert Park 2’s this week – a team they beat in the last round to make finals. They have a chance to go 3-1 and really setup their season.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Power House AFC 3.5-23 5.12-42 7.16-58 9.20-74
Hawthorn AFC 2.0-12 3.1-19 4.4-28 5.6-36


Power House AFC

Goal Kickers: E. Edwards 2, P. Arnold 2, K. Sheehan 2, J. Fiorini , G. Murphy , D. Buckley
Best Players: , G. Murphy , B. Roberts , G. Bell , J. Fiorini , K. Sheehan , D. Kilmartin