POWER HOUSE  8.20-68 lost to Hawthorn 15.3-93

Goal Kickers: P. Edwards 2, J. Avery , L. Johnston , D. Baker , G. Tubridy , B. Leske , N. Brown
Best Players: B. Leske, N. Brown, D. Burnside, S. O’Leary, G. Tubridy, D. Hourn


In what can only be described as an extremely disappointing result for the Senior team, we went down by 21 points in a dour battle with old rivals Hawthorn.

Watched on by a big crowd of travelling House supporters, we started well on the small and boggy Rathmines Oval but our poor conversion cost us dearly. Tubridy in particular had a horror start mssing a couple of sitters while Hawthorn only went forward 3 times for 3 goals. Our poor kicking left us leading by only 4 points at the first break.

The second term saw more of the same as the poor ball use by the House, kept the Hawks well in the game.

The Hawks were more structured going forward while the House wasted many opportunities to establish a strong lead with Edwards missing a couple of shots he would normally finish.

We led by 8 points at half time.

The third quarter was a battle of wills as both sides refused to break The game lifted to a frenetic physical contest with no room to move and no tackle rewarded.

The Hawks broke away to a 12 point lead with 4 quick goals and it looked all over.

But Power House fought back through sheer determination and wrested back control going into the final break leading by 9 points in a low scoring scrappy and intense affair.

And it was there that the fight ended for season 2011 as the Power House team fell away dramatically in the last quarter to concede 7 straight goals and lose by 21 points.

We finished with 8 goals 20 behinds

Edwards left the ground wth 2 majors (and 7 behinds) and won the League Goalkicking Award with 77 for the season.

Leske was again at his brilliant best playing at both ends of the ground with great effect. Big Burnside played one of his best games for the season while Nick Brown continued to stake his claims for the Bluey Truscott Trophy with another dogged game.

Dave Hourn in his first game at senior level showed enough passion and determination and attack on the ball to sufggest that he may well find himself playing much more Senior football in 2012.

In a stroke of luck, our rivals also lost, which means we barely escape relegation.

We remain in Division 3 for Season 2012 but we need to put in a great amount of hard work and soul searching to redeem ourselves form the disappointment of season 2011.

Martin Pike announced his resignation as Senior Coach immediately after the match.




POWER HOUSE 11.16-82 drew with HAWTHORN 11.16-82

Goal Kickers: D. Buckley 3, W. Elliott 2, B. Lonsdale 2, P. Arnold , S. Devine , J. Walsh , P. Nevett
Best Players: S. Devine, S. Davidson, J. Walsh, T. Selby, J. White, W. Elliott

In the final match in the career of  Warde “Almost Football Legend” Elliot, the result could not have been scripted much better.

Playing against bitter rivals Hawthorn and their reserves “umpire” was a great challenge having to negotiate the opposition and the strange decisions from the man in white.

Not more than a handful of points seperated the teams all day as both teams fought hard to edge in front.

In the end, a draw was the result although a couple of officials couldn’t decide who scored what?!

For the House, big Steve Devine was a tower of Power dominating all comers with his athleticism.

Stuey Davidson dominated his defensve flank and attacked hard while Joey Cunsolo was the best running defender on the ground continually surging forward in search of outlet targets with his pinpoint accuracy.

James Wash showed the senior selectors why he is such a valuable player dominating all over the ground in another great performance.

Whitey was tenacious and Selby was just hard at it again while the midfield maestro Warde “The Tank” Elliott proved his worth again wth some bone crunching tackles and key last quarter goals to almost steal the game for the House.

Up forward, Power Forward Daniel Buckley was again the dominant forward on the ground booting 3 goals without ever leaving the goalsquare.

He dispensed of at least 3 opponents during a terrorising afternoon for Hawthorn defenders

He proved to be the difference as he was the only player not to get his jumper dirty!

Ben “Ned Kelly” Lonsdale booted 2 goals and can now shave off that embarassing beard!

Veteran Swingman and Utility Patrick Arnold was again prominent directing traffic all day while getting on the scoreboard.

Pete Nevett put down his camera and put in another solid performance.

The Plazzer Brothers worked hard again with Jeremy’s performance equally as dominating as his brother Chris.

Gerry Cleary got down and dirty in the bog heap and Brendan “Local” Counsel played his last game for the House before his impending move to WA.

Neil Todd and John Dixon waxed for kicks while Mick Somers showed again why he has always been amongst the best.

Duncan Eastey was playing like a man possesed across half back talking trash (usually to his team mates) and generally causing havoc.

Olly Morris continued his great recent form while Shanksy returned to the team and looked a million bucks…while Rocket Marshall didn’t belt anyone

We will hopefully have Jimmy Dwyer back after his horiffic hand injury (did you REALLY do that playing football…or was it something more sinister???)

Onwards and upwards for 2012 with a new coach and new enthusisam for the game and the club.