POWER HOUSE 6.13-49 lost to UHS-VU 11.11-77

Goal Kickers: P. Edwards 4, T. Hinck , L. Johnston
Best Players: B. Leske, L. Johnston, N. Moresi, D. Baker, P. Edwards, G. Tubridy


In another disappointing game, this one was “the one the got away”.

With the game being close all day and while we were in the mix at 3/4 time but we fell away dramatically (again) to eventually lose a very winnable game by 28 points.

Edwards dominated the goalsquare yet again with another 4 goals while newby Lee Johnston proved he was worth his spot at centre half forward with his strong hands and hard leading.

Baker played a fantastic last quarter while Leske again dominated. Moresi was hard and tough and Tubridy was elusive.

Unfortunately, this has been the story of our season with us working hard to get to winning positions but being unable to close out games.

Next week we play in a do or die battle for relegation.



POWER HOUSE 7.7-49 lost to UHS-VU 13.13-91

Goal Kickers: M. Wallis 3, M. Devine , S. McAlpine , J. Dixon , M. Somers
Best Players: S. Davidson, B. Counsel, M. Wallis, O. Morris, T. Monte, D. Eastey


A great game and a great time was had by all as every Power House player dominated his opponent and rocked his position with precision play, sublime skills and unbelieveable teamwork.

Little Wally booted 3 while Stuey Davidson and Ben “The Peoples Beard” Lonsdale were unbelievable!

Eastey, White, Morris, Devine, Counsel, McAlpine, Dixon, Somers, Plazzer, Marshall, Plazzer, Selby, Buckley, Todd, Hourn, Cunsolo, Cleary, Somers, Devine, Wallis, Lonsdale and Davidson were all amongst the best.

Can’t believe we lost!