Howdy Power House Fans!

In a bid to raise much needed funds for the club, Power House Football Club will be running a BBQ at Braybrook Masters on Sunday June 8 AND Monday June 9. We have been lucky enough to have been given two consecutive days of a long weekend at one of the busiest Masters stores, which represents a HUGE fundraising opportunity for the club.

We need 15 people to run the BBQ each day, for the 2 days. Many players have already signed up for the day, however there is always room for plenty more helpers. Each player’s/supporters commitment will be a few hours at most.

Lock it in your diaries, If you are interested in attending please contact Steve Devine and indicate which day/time you are available to flip some snags.

Tear ‘em Down

Contact details:

Steve Devine

Ph: 0409 939 363