Greetings PHAFC Players and Supporters – below is an email from Yasmin McKenzie the Program and Activities Manager of Lord Somer’s Camp.  On Thursday the 19th June at 7:30pm there is conversation evening entitled: Journeys to Australia. Details are below if you would like to attend this event:


Hi there,

You might have heard that Lord Somers Camp and Power House has started a new initiative called the Power House Conversation Series. The idea with the Conversation Series is to bring people together to listen, debate and be inspired and challenged on topical issues for society. The Conversation Series is designed to get people thinking and talking.


This Thursday June 19th, our next Conversation Series will take place. Entitled Journeys to Australia, we will bring together 4 speakers telling personal stories of their journeys to Australia. These incredible reflections will be moving, thought – provoking and sometimes surprising. There is little doubt that the plight of refugees and asylum seekers is a political issue but come along to hear the human side of the refugee conversation.


Our speakers for the evening include Waleed Aly from the Project who will be convening the night. Some of you might also know Mortaza Rahimi, who went through Lord Somers Camp in 2013 and was a Slushie in 2014. Mortaza will speak about his journey to Australia by boat from Afghanistan. We also have Abdi Aden from Somalia, who appeared in Series 2 of Go back to where you came from and Luz Restrepo, a political refugee from Colombia who also spoke at Lady Somers Camp this year. Luz is the CEO of the organisation Sisterworks which works to empower women who have recently arrived in Victoria. If you missed her inspiring story or would like to find out more, Luz will also be a part of the Power House Conversation Series – Journey to Australia.


If you haven’t been to a Conversation Series before, I encourage you to attend. Friends and family are more than welcome and there is no charge. Drinks and Nibbles will be available from 7.30 and we will kick off at 8pm.


We look forward to seeing you there.


Yasmin McKenzie

Program and Activities Manager


Lord Somers Camp & Power House

34 Lakeside Drive, Albert Park, Victoria 3206

p: (03) 9510 7066

f: (03) 9529 7352