The LSC open day was held on the 15th Febuary in Albert Park. On the day here were about 350 people in attendance – what a fantaastic turn out! There were young new Camp members,  parents, Camp Staff and Slushies.

The Hall  was full of excitement with lots going on, Steve Devine and Jake Whelan represented the PHAFC on the day displaying their PHAFC singelts proudly and joining in on all the action,t here was a lot of interest in the hand balling competition and Steve and Jake ran it very well.

Matt Devine and Ben Griffin, PHAFC players who also have Slushie roles were also in attendance on the day.

After the displays and presentations in the great hall, the action moved to the balcony outside the L S C  Office and meeting room where the Tug of War site was set up.  The Slush provided a BBQ lunch for all and the T 20 Tug of war commenced with lots of keen participants and enthusiastic spectators. When the Tug of war was finished the Slushie group of from Boys and Girls Camps showed fantastic team work in cleaning up the site and leaving the balcony spotless.

The Open day was a great success and really showed the great organisation that is Lord Somers Camp and Power House.

Thanks to Ian Dakin for photos supplied and report on the day.

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