After months of advertising and fundraising the Heritage kit is here! Celebrating 70 years in the VAFA is a huge milestone for the club and one that we are extremely proud of.

This is a tribute to those players who first donned the Green and Gold PHAFC Guernsey way back in 1947, this is the famous photo that hangs in the PHAFC rooms.
Wearing the Heritage jumper which our 1947 team adorned is a special feeling for the whole group and an honour. Captain Adam Collett had the following to say:

“Power House has a long and proud history in the VAFA so to be able to wear the heritage jumper is a huge privilege for the current playing group.
The heritage jumpers are a great initiative by the club to acknowledge the history of our great club.
I love the historical element of the club and catching up with players from prior years and eras, so it is really special to be able to lead the boys out in the heritage jumper this week to start the 2017 season.
As is always the case at Power House we have had another big influx of new players this year, so for them to immediately be introduced to the history of the club is fantastic as it helps build the link to the past players and those who have been involved in the club in years gone by.
Let’s hope this year’s group of players create their own slice of history for the club!”

If anyone would like to purchase a Heritage PHAFC Guernsey please contact Daniel Buckley – or 0400 304 544. They are available for $75 each.