Power House 13.17-95 defeated St Francis Xavier 9.8-62

Goal Kickers: R. Webb 4, L. Johnston 3, H. Tomlinson 2, R. Hobson 2, G. Tubridy, B. Lonsdale
Best Players: A. Kuhanez, L. Stubbs, M. Webb, R. Webb, T. Hinck, B. Leske

The game started in unbelievable fashion when the 3rd placed St Francis Xavier coach decided that the centre wicket area was “too hard to play on and that with my team playing finals in two weeks, they would risk an injury”.

The officials were all summoned to the centre of the Ross Gregory Oval to discuss the situation. The centre wicket area was being watered 10 minutes before the first bounce while the officials, along with a representative from the VAFA decided what to do. In the end, sanity eventually prevailed and the St Francis Xavier team agreed to play.

This had a profound effect on the team as they came out of the blocks hard at the ball and the contest to establish a strong lead in front of a massive Sponsors and Family Day function crowd driving the players.

A 5 goal to 2 first quarter saw the boys make a statement. The forward line was functioning well and the ball movement was swift.

1 goal each in the second quarter saw the boys take a 21 point lead into the main break.

Ant Voyage asked for a sustained effort for 2 more quarters and implored his charges not to let up.

Another 4 goals in the third term kept the visitors at bay and an even final quarter left the final margin at 33 points in favour of Power House to record their most emphatic victory of the season.

Ricky Webb was a livewire up forward kicking 4 team lifting goals while Leroy Johnston continued his consistency bagging another 3. A couple each from Hugh Tomlinson and Rowan Hobson.

Best for the House were Andrew Kuhanez and Luke Stubbs who spent most of his time on the ball in a new role. The Webb brothers played well as did Ben Leske and Tyler Hinck.

A great 4 quarters of sustained football was the decider today.

A great win in front of a great crowd


Power House 23.12-150 defeated St Francis Xavier 4.4-28

Goal Kickers: J. White 9, C. Barratt 3, D. Mitchell 2, J. Docker 2, P. Arnold 2, A. Reynolds, P. Mackney, C. Plazzer, H. Miller, M. Lynch
Best Players: A. Reynolds, N. Moresi, P. Mackney, P. Arnold, D. Eastey, J. White

This match was summed up simply by the sole performance in front of goals by Justin White. Whitey took all before him and dominated the game booting 9 goals and celebrating each one like he had won Olympic gold.

Even Euan Edwards was not able to match the ego created by Whitey after his massive haul.

This game was a total domination by the Power House boys after putting the foot on the pedal early, they ran away with the result in the most convincing fashion.

They didn’t miss Power Foward Daniel Buckley at all with Key Swingman Patrick Arnold managing to run the whole foward line while booting a couple of goals himself…all while still wearing his sunglasses!

Heath Miller was glad to hand over the goalsquare to Whitey and others as he spent time up the ground running under the centre wicket sprinkler at each quarter break.

“Lucky” Phil Mackney had the time of his life running the whole show while coach Steve “Feathers” Webb had little to do but sit and watch his charges play their best game of the year.

Michael Lynch’s effort for goal of the year was awesome and Chris Barrett continued his great recent form with 3 goals.

Aiden Reynolds was the dominant player on the ground with 2 goals and an all round solid contribution.

Dom “Joni” Mitchell did what he does best…but we are not really sure what that is!

Euan Edwards was seen still in the changerooms hours later admiring himself in the mirror and congratulating himself on his awesome performance.

A massive 122 point victory to put the boys in the box seat for a crack at finals football.