Power House 12.9-81 drew with Swinburne University 12.9-81

Goal Kickers: A. Collett 3, R. Humphreys 2, S. Devine 2, J. Gatti 2, R. Damkjaer , L. Johnston , M. Webb
Best Players: 
M. Webb, M. Conomy, S. Buultjens, B. Leske, A. Collett, D. Baker

The Seniors took on Swinburne University looking to exact revenge after a disappointing loss earlier this year.

The boys were out of the blocks early despite being a man down after a blatant king hit, assault behind the play on Ben Lonsdale in cowardly act.

Swinburne edged ahead but a solid second part of the quarter saw us turn 12 points up at the first break.

The boys were pumped and were getting drive from Adam Collett on the ball and lift from Darren Baker in his new role across half back. New player Sam Buultjens was providing a target across half forward.

The second quarter was disappointing as we allowed the opposition to kick 5 goals and only managed a solitary goal ourselves.

A half time spray from Ant Voyage seemed to lift the team as they drew tpgether and resisted Swinburnes advances. 4 goals to 2 got us back within a solitary point at the final break and primed for a big finish.

The last quarter was a see-sawing affair with Swinburne kicking away while Power House kept fighting back inching closer every minute.

The crowd had come to life and was lifting the boys urging them on

The Power House boys had 4 chances to seal the game in the last 3 minutes but only managed minor scores and when the siren sounded, a deathly silence enveloped the ground as the scores were tied and the points shared.

Best for the House were Adam Collett in a great all round performance on the ball and up forward with 3 goals, Reece Humphreys chipped in with 2 goals and Jaydn Gatti drifted in and out across the front half with 2 goals.

Michael Webb was inspirational working hard across the ground while Mark Conomy did his usual efficient job.

We look forward to welcoming Latrobe University to our ground next week in another crucial game.


Power House 8.11-59 defeated Swinburne University 6.7-43

Goal Kickers: D. Mitchell 3, D. Richards 2, G. Tubridy 2, H. Miller
Best Players: 
H. Miller, G. Tubridy, A. Reynolds, P. Mackney, J. O’Doherty, D. Mitchell

The boys ventured out onto their home turf this week to do battle with Swinburne University. A few key players had been promoted to the Seniors but this gave plenty of opportunity for others to step up and into their shoes.

Key Defender and Playmaker Jimmy Dwyer was missing from his running half back role while Gerry Cleary had been added to the side despite protests from the rest of the team.

Euan Edwards was busy signing autographs and almost missed the start of the game.

Key additions to the side were Jo “Paris” Cunsolo and Roddy “Old Man” Marshall.

The game started well with Bryan “Killer” Kyne dominating early and James “Playboy” Walsh controlling his wing. The boys should have been further ahead but poor kicking for goal let themn down and they entered the first break only 5 points up despite dominating the quarter.

Steve “Feathers” Webb was busy moving magnets on the white board and forgot about his quarter time address while Matt “USA” Devine was eyeing off the hot dogs in the canteen.

The boys were 16 points up at half time and looked solid.

The best player for the House was Jason Nicholls who managed to umpire, make changes, commentate, direct and do everything except kick the goals himself.

The second half was another solid test as Swinburne threw themselves hard at the contests but the boys held firm winning by 16 points.

Dom “Sam” Mitchell dominated up forward booting 3 crucial goals and celebrating by trying to high-five the opposition water boy.

Gerry “The Pig” Tubridy provided strong contested ball use out of the middle and delivered a series of u-turns while burning team mates at most contests.

Heath “Frosty” Miller was dominant all over the park in a splendid game proving once again that luckily he had learned nothing from his father.

After many months of behind the scenes transfer wrangling and negotiating, Darren “Keith” Richards starred in his first game for the green, black and white kicking 2 goals and proving a key moving target

The main point to take out of the game was that we found out the Euan Edwards was capable of playing football and holding a hand mirror at the same time.

And Gerry Cleary was crap…